Wild Endurance

2-3 May, 2015

8:17 AM - still dry and full of smiles 8:00 AM wave one is off 9:51 AM - shortly after the first creek crossing. Holly carries the garbage bags which put on our feet, hoping to keep them dry. 9:55 AM - A loner wildendurant on the way to Narrowneck 9:55 AM - The bush submerged in clouds. 100% humidity. 9:58 AM - The start of the ascent to Narrowneck 10:00 AM - Over the next 7.5km we've climbed from 580m to 1067m 10:04 AM - Steep... 10:07 AM - Holly in the middle, a massive drop hidden in clouds on either side... 10:10 AM - Gums in cloud 10:24 AM - Up and down..., approaching Narrowneck was very physical 10:29 AM - After all we're still not that far from civilisation 10:39 AM - I'm in high spirits 10:40 AM - note to self; one day I shall return here with a different camera... 10:42 AM - The ladder, we eventually skipped and climbed around the cliff as we started to stiffen up and cool down while waiting our turn. It was a mistake. A long and very technical bypass made us getting behind people we already overtook once before. 10:59 AM - still climbing 11:18 AM - Up on Narrowneck. The colours in the rain become incredible! 12:19 PM - Us in clouds near the actual 'narrow neck' on the ridge of the same name. 1:10 PM - The Golden stairs. Looks a bit wet... 1:17 PM - ... because it's a bloody waterfall 2:03 PM - Like in the Bible. Water's coming from everywhere... 2:08 PM - I regret, but did not manage a photo of the swampy mud tracks we travelled 2:14 PM - 'temperate rainforest' - ok we get it...! more rain! 2:17 PM - more water... 2:18 PM - and even more water... 2:19 PM - Still managed to convince Holly to get a picture with - you guessed it - water. 4:27 PM - Katoomba falls on our return to leg 2. This is the last picture I took. From here on conditions deteriorated, the rain didn't let up and soon we were in darkness, crossing ever growing creeks. We finished at 9:41 PM (13:11 total time). Some hours later the 100K'ers were called off as creek crossings became impassable.