Budapest patrol


Pest South Platanus x acerifolia Döbrentei utca Little hatter From the kitchen window Frieze Szocreál up close Seven-story building View-thru Posh Budarama Section Krisztina Roof tiles Újlipótváros Advert Cake shop on the right which I never visited Déryné From the tram this one too Múzeum krt On the way home to Döbrentei From the window Summer dwelling in winter Weekender Flagged up Hotel Olimpia Manger Danube Gellértszobor Platanus x acerifolia Lights on From Gellért Hill From Gellért Hill, zoomed in Drifting ice and error in the time-space conitnuity Drifting ice, corrected Farewell from the window, Ferihegy