Published on July 21st, 2016 by peter

I've attended my first #sydjs event yesterday and because I only took very rushed notes (mainly URLs into my phone notes) I must jot them down while I can fill the gaps from memory. Lots to follow up on, lots I can incorporate into my current workflows. So here we go, another of my annotated link collections.

It's harder to not start

Patrick Quinn-Graham gave a semi live coding session and pretty much nailed it. It's the same talk - apparently - that he gave at CampJS VII, but it was great. Basically creating a RESTful API and corresponding web app in 10 minutes with live testing etc.

There's a tonne of stuff to scour through (gazillion modules, config files etc), all found in this repo.

ESLint helps you write good code

by Andrei Railean was probably my favourite of the night. Chances are it was because his topic was the easiest to immediately transform into action and incorporate into my daily work practice. No it didn't happen today, but only because it was a hectic day for me. I'm using jslint right now, but eslint seems to be a great tool while I make the transition to properly start writing ES6. Andrei's ESLint-Examples repo is here and as soon as I have a couple of hours, I will set up eslint for my current projects.

Oo, and I nearly forgot