Published on April 23rd, 2016 by peter


The answer is simple. I decided to shut down the site for a combination of two reasons.

Firstly - and this weight the heaviest. The code base was outdated. The software it ran have become stale years ago, much like the photoblog itself, which haven't had a new post since 2010.

As I moved to a flat-file CMS quite a while ago, I was only maintaining a database to keep the photoblog running. After a while it becomes an expensive exercise (well, it's more expensive torun it and maintain it then have nothing, init?). To top that, I have periods where some good souls from the outer net are hammering my servers with attacks, looking for vulnerabilities. I can't seem to think of any benefits they'd gain from hacking my sites, but equally, I am not willing to find out.

What happened to the images?

I have them and will build some static galleries, so they remain available. It will take a little time (I just have to get down and get it done). I am thinking to create a few thematically organised galleries from the same set. It's only a few hundred pictures after all. I will post an update when they are ready.


I would like to say thank you to all who - over the years - came and visited the photoblog. Thank you!