• Hi, my name is Peter Borbely, technically skilled, content oriented and commercially astute digital media professional with over a decade experience across both the commercial and editorial floors. I bring a unique combination of visual storytelling skills and the technical expertise of a full stack JavaScript developer coupled with enthusiasm and relentless curiosity to all of my projects.

    Coder Jurno

    I had been called a coder jurno, data journalist, editorial developer, innovationista, technologist and the list goes on, but they all had one thing in common…

    Data & Analytics

    Data and analytics have been front and centre in my career from ad tech through digital product development to data journalism.

  • Cartoon of Peter by John Shakespeare

My specialties include sourcing, compiling​, transforming, cleaning​ and analysing complex datasets to uncover stories hidden inside them. I then use this data to create interactive, data-driven stories and visualisations, such as maps, charts and single purpose web-apps.

I also design and implement analytics frameworks, including reporting suites and corresponding processes for websites and apps.

My Background

As a qualified photojournalist with several years experience I have been exposed to the digital transformation of an entire industry long before buzzwords of disruption and the sharing economy poked their heads up. The revelation of the Internet’s power and that of digital media enchanted me and I never looked back. While these technological changes challenge organisations big and small, it opened up endless opportunities. I believe in its liberating power that will help us create a more equal and open society.